What is the definition of tourism?

What is a Reservation Sales Agent doing when she informs her clients about the laws that affect how a product is used?

A Reservation Sales Agent is respectful of others, maintains his personal appearance and is willing to help other employees after his work is done. Which one of the following characteristics is the Reservation Sales Agent displaying?

What is a Reservation Sales Agent demonstrating when she participates in certification programs and in-house training?

To manage time effectively, a Reservation Sales Agent must determine the tasks that need to be completed and the deadline for each task. What else should a Reservation Sales Agent consider when managing time?

How can non-verbal communication affect a verbal message?

A client complains that the hotel his family stayed in was unclean and noisy. He also complains that the car he rented was uncomfortable and had poor gas mileage. Overall, he stated he was unsatisfied with the trip the Reservation Sales Agent planned for his family. What is likely the reason the client is complaining?

A Reservation Sales Agent handled a client complaint a few days ago. The same client has called the Reservation Sales Agent again and, when the product that he wanted was unavailable, he asked to speak to the Reservation Sales Agent’s supervisor. The client told the supervisor that the Reservation Sales Agent was being unhelpful and that the Reservation Sales Agent should be fired. What is likely the problem?

What is one reason why a repeat client may quickly complain?

While working with a client complaint, a Reservation Sales Agent realizes that the client thought she was going to receive a service that was discontinued a month earlier. What helped the Reservation Sales Agent to make this realization?

Which one of the following product and service details should be known by a Reservation Sales Agent?

What is the purpose of up-selling and top-down selling?

To what does value quoting refer?

A client has requested a reservation by e-mail. The Reservation Sales Agent confirms availability and sends an e-mail reply to the client. What information should the Reservation Sales Agent include in the reply?

Why is it important to recognize every contact as a potential sale?

The shift supervisor instructs a Reservation Sales Agent to view the company’s website. What is the importance of this request?

A repeat client calls to request a reservation in a hotel near a conference he is attending. From the client's history, the Reservation Sales Agent knows that the client has a dog that often travels with him. What should the Reservation Sales Agent consider before recommending a hotel?

A client is offered the highest level of service available. The client refuses the offer. The next lower level of service available is then offered. What sales method is being utilized?

When booking a reservation, how can a Reservation Sales Agent maintain rapport with the client?

What type of information is considered when determining a rate for a client wishing to book a group reservation?

What original information should be verified when changing a reservation?

What information should an Reservation Sales Agent record when a client changes or cancels a reservation?

Why is it important to verify why a refund is being requested?