To which of the following vegetable categories does the green bean belong?

Which of the following best describes fettuccini?

Which of the following describes long grain rice?

What type of sandwich is a "Club House"?

A line cook has just finished preparing a large pot of soup. The soup will not be used immediately. Which of the following actions should be taken to preserve the quality of the product?

Which of the following foods is a common allergen?

Which of the following are included in Class A fires?

Which of the following belongs to Class D fires?

A line cook is looking for the proper knife for general chopping, slicing or dicing. Which of the following knives should she use?

What is the name of the kitchen tool described as a sieve-like utensil with small holes through which potatoes are pressed?

Which of the following best describes convenience foods?

Which of the following best defines communication?

Which of the following is an appropriate behaviour when cleaning knives?

A line cook notices smoke coming from under a door leading to the basement of the restaurant. Upon touching the door, he realizes that it is extremely hot. He suspects a major fire is ravaging the basement of the building. What is the first thing he should do?

Which is the most common way to cut a grilled cheese sandwich?

What is the main purpose of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines?

What should the line cook do first when cooking food to order?