Which of the following is one of the requirements for Hunting Guide Certification?

Which of the following is common information that a hunting guide should know about wildlife in the area?

What optional training would be beneficial to a hunting guide?

What is the term used to describe the curved path followed by ammunition from the time it leaves the bow or gun muzzle until the time it reaches its target?

What information does a hunting guide need to know about firearms and ammunition?

What information does a hunting guide need to know about bow hunting?

Which of the following is optional for Hunting Guide Certification?

What is the definition for the term “fair chase”?

What attributes are hunting guides showing if they are respectful of the animal carcass and do not waste the meat?

Which example best reflects an acceptable code of hunting ethics?

What methods can a hunting guide use to reduce stress on a hunting trip?

How can a hunting guide confirm understanding of a client’s request?

What skills is a hunting guide using when making eye contact, smiling or using hand gestures?

Which of the following is a guideline for communicating with foreign language-speaking clients?

What should a hunting guide determine about cellular telephones or two-way radios before a trip?

Why is it important to share expertise about hunting with clients?

How can a hunting guide make a client with physical limitations feel comfortable in camp?

What is the definition of an “ambassador”?

How should a hunting guide respond when clients ask if they should give a gratuity?

Which of the following is an example of promoting teamwork?

What should a hunting guide do if a client complains?

What type of wildlife situations could pose a danger to clients?

What can a hunting guide do to prevent confrontations with wildlife related to the food at camp?

How can a hunting guide be prepared for weather and seasonal conditions?

What type of situation may cause a hunting trip to be postponed or cancelled?

Why is it important to filter fuel before it is used?

What precaution can be taken to reduce potential fires or explosions caused by static electricity when working with fuel?

Record rainfalls have contributed to unusually high water levels and the threat of flooding. What should the hunting guide do to ensure the safety of all clients?

For safety considerations, what information should be provided to the outfitter or local authorities prior to the hunting trip?

A client has died of an apparent heart attack during the hunting trip. What is the first step that a hunting guide should take?

What should be done with a client’s belongings if they have died on the hunting trip?

Which of the following is an example of a firearm safety procedure?

What procedure includes looking past the target to ensure that it is safe to shoot?

Which kit should contain waterproof matches, flares and radio equipment?

What is the purpose of an emergency shelter?

What is the best method to signal for help after the search aircraft have been spotted during daylight?

Which of the following is considered an international signal for help?

For what purpose would a hunting guide use halazone tablets or iodine?

What information should be discussed during the pre-trip meeting with the outfitter or employer?

What type of information should a hunting guide request about clients during a pre-trip meeting with an outfitter or employer?

How can guides assist clients when they arrive in camp and make them feel welcome?

When should a hunting guide provide instructions to clients about safety issues and hunt procedures?

Why should a hunting guide spend time before the trip assisting clients with sighting of firearms or bows?

Is it necessary for the hunting guide to go through the client’s personal gear before the trip?

What should a hunting guide consider when determining a reasonable load for a pack horse?

What is the reason for checking that saddle cinches are clean and tight throughout the day?