A Freshwater Angling Guide docks the boat and allows all of the clients to get off at the end of the trip. He says goodbye to the clients and then leaves to take the boat for routine maintenance. What else should the guide have done to complete the clients’ departures properly?

Which of the following qualifications is a prerequisite for becoming a Certified Freshwater Angling Guide only if the person was born after 1983?

What type of local information does a Freshwater Angling Guide need to plan a safe trip?

What is the best way for a Freshwater Angling Guide to become familiar with fishing regulations that apply to species in the area?

Which of the following is required training for a certified Freshwater Angling Guide?

An outfitter informs a Freshwater Angling Guide that a client on the next trip has a heart condition. What should the guide do as part of pre-trip planning to address this issue?

Which of the following communication guidelines should be followed when giving instructions to clients?

A Freshwater Angling Guide is taking clients on a multi-day trip. Which of the following topics must be discussed during his pre-trip meeting with his employer?

Which of the following activities should be conducted when greeting clients as they first arrive at camp?

What is one of the first activities a guide should do when planning to give instructions to ensure that they are clear for the clients?

For which of the following actions should a Freshwater Angling Guide be responsible during a pre-trip meeting with an outfitter/employer?

Choose the jurisdictional legislation that applies to a Freshwater Angling Guide operating in a National Park.

A Freshwater Angling Guide is guiding clients when he notices a boat with anglers who are not adhering to legislated angling restrictions in the area. What action should the guide take to address this issue?

A Freshwater Angling Guide has repeatedly asked her clients to stop fishing in a restricted area. They have ignored her warnings. What should she do now?

Choose the scenario that best represents tourism having a benefit on the local community.

How can a guide get an understanding of his clients’ needs, expectations and skill levels to better meet their needs on a trip? By:

How can a Freshwater Angling Guide help clients, who do not speak English, learn the technique of casting from a boat?

What is one reason for maintaining good client relations?

What does the freshwater angling industry promote that is important to environmental preservation?

Which of the following situations could be a potential source of stress for clients on a trip?

Tact and discretion are good qualities for a Freshwater Angling Guide to exhibit in which one of the following guiding situations?

Which of the following examples is a form of non-verbal communication?

What should a Freshwater Angling Guide check on a communication device before using it?

Why should metal, not plastic, funnels be used when refueling?

Which of the following activities should be the first step a guide should take when handling a natural or accidental death of a client during a trip?

Where is the best place to locate a radio or emergency locator transmitter when signaling for help?

Which of the following help signals is most effective during daylight hours?

Which of the following help signals would be most effective during the night?

For at least how many minutes should water be boiled to ensure that it is purified?

What is the first thing that should be considered when setting up an emergency shelter?