Why is it important to review a critical path regularly?

Choose the best example of an effective measure an event manager could include in a system to monitor objectives, tasks and duties.

Which one of the following steps should an event manager take to ensure event policies and procedures are effective?

Choose the best definition of a ‘budget’.

What is the main purpose of reviewing a budget?

Which one of the following accurately defines ‘bank reconciliation’?

An example of establishing a financial control for procurements would be to standardize which one of the following processes?

When applying for a grant, what two items should be submitted with the application form?

What are cash flow projections used for?

What document should be produced when finalizing an event program?

Which of the following requirements is common to planning both new and established events?

What task should an event manager perform when selecting an event site?

What should an event manager consider when developing a food and beverage operations plan?

What is the meaning of “accreditation”?

Why is an event logo included in the marketing plan for an event?

What part of developing a marketing plan requires an event manager to ask questions about age, gender, income, occupation, family structure, and recreation likes and dislikes?

What details concerning a logo should be included in the marketing material specifications?

Public relations can be defined as:

What kind of marketing activity would involve organizing a reception for VIPs?

What does an event manager need to build into the advertising strategy to help determine its overall impact?

What type of plan should an event manager develop to deal with unforeseen circumstances at an event?

What must be done after implementing a human resource plan?